Copyright, Ownership, Censorship, & Privacy.
    The WordPress for Okinawa Military Community Writers (OMCW) is an affiliation of writers with current or past association with the military. Our number one goal is to share writing tips and advice, short stories or excerpts, and foster a community of encouragement for those who are discovering their love for writing, the casual blogger, or the seasoned contributor. OMCW would like to express our sincerest assertion that you as a writer and contributor have full rights and ownership to each post you submit, be it a short story, scene, chapter, excerpt, poem, advice, or tips. OMCW is in no way taking ownership or infringing upon your rights of copyright, requesting reimbursement or royalties should you publish, or seeking to copy or alter your works. Below is knowledge you should know about your rights as a writer.
    1: As a copyright owner, your rights include “making copies of your work, creating new works based off of the original (derivative works), and distributing the work by sale, transfer of ownership, rental, lease, or lending” (Fabio, M. 2011).  
    2: Anything you write is automatically copyrighted by you, the author and owner. However, “registering for copyright with the Copyright Office will entitle you to monetary damages for unauthorized reproduction or infringement” (Poets&Writers. n.d.). By posting on our blog site, you still maintain your rights; OMCW is merely a platform for you to share your works and insight with other avid and casual writers.
    3: Posting on our site does not give OMCW rights to redistribute, copy, or alter your works. You still retain those rights, though OMCW may reblog your post on our website, bringing it back to the foreground.
    4: Please keep in mind that “ideas are not copyrightable”(Fabio, M. 2011), but copying someone else’s work in its entirety is an infringement. Posting with OMCW is an informal way of showing original ownership by the date stamp on the blog, which may or may not help in a legal case.
    For more information about your rights, please visit https://www.copyright.gov/title17/ for US copyright laws and other helpful sites such as https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/blogging-and-intellectual-property-law and https://www.pw.org/content/copyright.
    Registering and Submitting Work:
    To post with OMCW, you must first register on the site. Once complete, you may post a blog. Your blog will be sent to the moderators of the site for approval. Rejection of work is rare, but your passage will be rejected for outright rants and hate speech of cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexes, people with disabilities, or other groups affiliated with prior statements or those unforeseen. Our blog is for fiction writing, to include fantasy and Sci-Fi, poems, and writing advice. In regards to the previously mentioned, OMCW does not infringe upon your intellectual rights in presenting a story, scene, chapter or excerpt that could include the aforementioned. Our goal is not to deny or impinge upon a fictitious character in a fantastical setting. It is not OMCW’s intent nor will we allow OMCW’s blog to become a platform for racial or political divisiveness, perceived social injustices, or subjective/ personal crusades that incite discourse among our followers.
    Further on posting:
    1: You must be the owner and original creator of any works submitted.
    2: You accept full responsibility for all works submitted.
    3: Your writing cannot be libelous, contain unoriginal work, or infringe upon the rights and privacy of others.
    4: Replying or commenting on another author’s post should be kept courteous, with the intent of constructive critiques, advice, or encouragement. Utilize tact in your responses or comments, and treat others as you wish to be treated. Repetitive disregard for standards can result in being kicked from the site.  

    OMCW does not censor works for authors and writers. If you publish a blog, it will be posted in its entirety pending approval. However, you as a writer must be aware of your audience or aware of not knowing your audience on our site. To create a guideline to help others gauge whether they will wish to read it or not, please add a movie rating after the title of your blog: PG-13, R, or R+. Any other post should be considered acceptable for all audiences, and no rating is required.  
    Fabio, M. (2011, January). Blogging and Intellectual Property Law. Retrieved July 06, 2017, from https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/blogging-and-intellectual-property-law
    Poets&Writers. (n.d.). Copyright Information for Writers. Retrieved July 06, 2017, from https://www.pw.org/content/copyright


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