The Bearer of Secrets

For lovers of dark fantasy, epic fantasy, heroines, or antiheroes, I am pleased to announce The Bearer of Secrets, the first volume in the Dark Legacy series. The ebook has been released on Kindle and KindleUnlimited. The following is the back jacket blurb:

In a land healing in the wake of the Wizard’s War and its vanquished Dark Lord, a risen hero is exiled and branded warlock. But peace isn’t meant to last forever.

Tasked by his late master to seek out and bestow a cryptic book to a being who will become the Bearer of Secrets, Warlock Lakayre languishes to fulfill the dying wish for the rest of his life. When Fate intervenes, a young woman named Julie, crippled by amnesia and a unique past, is thrust into his care. Sinister forces ruthlessly hunt young Julie and Warlock Lakayre; together they seek refuge in the distant settlement of Wizard’s Pass, but the journey is long and fraught with dangers.

Dodging death and nefarious schemes, their path leads them through the Corridor of Cruelty, where Julie faces perils that shake her faith and fracture her sanity. Her greatest challenge lies on the other side: the Dark Lord, Xilor, has survived, and taken an interest in the new prodigy, hoping to twist her to his will. Perhaps she is someone—or something—no one in the magical Realm can control or predict.

The Bearer of Secrets is the first volume in Dark Legacy Series.


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